Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Day Ever.

I am in Stillwater.
With my BFF.
I love Panera Boy for her.

Hearing her voice makes me happy. We are laughing and screaming about her stalking abilities.
I can't even put into words my excitement to be with her at OSU.

Would I switch to OSU if they had a nursing program? Potentially. Probably.

Love. Love. Love.

I will describe our whole day after tonight, but for now, gotta live the party.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 5 quotes of the admissions student delegates. And Tyler.

5. "I'm never kissing a girl, cause you know can get a sickness!"- Tyler
4. "Get off of mom!"- Colby to Michael.
3. "I hate this family!" - Winterfest.
2. " We both like spongebob, nascar, and we both have the same skin color." -Tyler

and, drumroll please....

1."Screw you, Dad!" - Trevor

Emilee Elise.

*EDIT: I am not creepy, we were just bored at work!*

We share a middle name.
We share a job.
We share a heart.
No, not true. That is just creepy. Sorry, hahaha.

*Random post, I know. I told you I would post more though!*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So excited...

... because this week will be a good week.
(this week will be a good week, this week will be a good, good week)
I just know it will.
Tomorrow is jam packed, but of great things. I am having a hard time deciding which of those things to be a part of, which is sad.
Tuesday means Bible Study at the Burketts, which is pure happiness to me.
I. Love. Bible Study.
Wednesday is the big enchilada.
I am going with 2 of my friends to Stillwater to see my BFF. I say BFF because that is what I call her, all the time. Not in the dumb middle school way, but in the she is my best friend and I love her more than sour patch kids and diet coke combined.
(I know, big time, huh?)
The rest of the week is whatever, bc I get to see my BFF on wednesday, and then Saturday she is coming to me, and we are seeing our best friend S. be in valentine cabaret and rock.
So excited doesn't even put it into words.

Mussett is a 20 something year old that I know from Haiti. He was part of HFHC, and hopefully some really huge things are in store for him.
Please pray for this situation, more details to come!

I promise to blog more in the very very near future.
I just tonight remembered my password ;-)!

Coming Soon: M E X I C O