Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My current loves...

1. Snow Cones.

2. The movie "That Thing You Do".

3. My friends.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We are SO sassy.
(Side note: I can't put into words how excited/happy/pumped/pleased/thrilled/blessed whatever happy words that T is at OC. Just thought I would inform you of that.)
We kept saying, "Hey, we don't have a picture together yet!" 24 pictures later, you get this.

Roommates next year? Yes, please! I am SO excited. Love this girl.
My favorite picture of freshmen year.
Some people go watch movies, or go do something lame. Not us. We go bowling. So cool, I know.

In other, mostly unrelated news, I am running for Sophomore Class Vice President.
Vote Natalie Howard.
And to whoever stole my rockin' campaign signs, you are not very nice, and I wish you had not done that.
And to whoever committed Voter fraud, Really? Voter fraud for class VP? Come on. Now we have to revote. Again.

Welp, work is over, and I have done nothing for the past hour.
I. Love. Admissions.

Duces, Kiddo.