Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now Playing:

Grey's Anatomy: Season 2.

During Class.

On silent.

With Subtitles.

I'll take a Diet Coke and some popcorn, please.

Monday, March 28, 2011

3 posts in one day?

Go read Melia's blog here. She is dandy and great. She is also one of my bosses this summer. I know right? Awesome.


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sometimes life isn't fair.
Doesn't that seem like something your mom told you when some kid was a punk on the playground and you got time out for kicking them in the shin even though they were the one who started it? That never happened. That only happened once. That happened frequently. Whatever.

Well I just think that life isn't fair, but on a much bigger level.
If I could tweet God right now, it would go something like this:
"Hey @God, why do you let your children suffer? Love, @NatalieEHoward."
My life's biggest question right now, all summed up in under 140 characters.

Psalm 10: 16-18

The LORD is king forever and ever;
the nations perish from his land.
O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted;
you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear
to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed,
so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Sing

Well, Anatomy and Physiology Class is upon me, so a blog post is now upon you.
Also, I have no idea why the first line of this post is centered. Gah.

Spring Sing.
An excuse to dance, sing, look cute, and act like an idiot.

What could be better, right?

Well the beautiful ladies of Gamma Rho came to the stage as the cutest little Minnie Mouses... Minnie Mice that you have ever seen.

Just look at us.

Madison is so pretty. Love her love her.
Taylor puts up with us, and it just makes me so happy. We will keep her around for a while, I think.
Our rush class. We are the best.
Our York friends came!!! I am so glad to have gotten to see Patrick, Elicia, Stephanie and Bethany. They got me through Happy Hell Hole. Happy Hollow.
Some of the Capitol Hill girls came and saw us! I was so happy for them to come!
Some of my favorite people. I am so lucky to have great friends!
Sisters. Love 'em.
Michael, I am glad you take care of me, and I am glad that you let me take care of you. Haha.
True Love.

Also, did you know that I am co-dependent? defines co-dependent as

"of or pertaining to a relationship in which one person is physically or psychologically addicted,
as to alcohol or gambling, and the other person is psychologically dependent on the first in an
unhealthy way."

Well I don't define it like that.

I define it as the fact that Cal, Jenna and I can't process alone.
We got dressed together. We did hair and make-up together. Everything.
I couldn't have done Spring Sing without them.
I am the mom of the group, but that's a-ok with me.
Co-Dependents for life.

Well, that was Sing Sing.

Did I mention we got SECOND?!?
I know, we are awesome.

Chi Lambda Phi, the club that alot of my friends are in, got 1st. They were the best Godzillas you could hope for. They looked like Neopets, but whatever.

Spring Sing is over, and I am not mad about it. I will miss the time with friends, but I will enjoy sleeping and doing homework at a normal time more.

I love spring sing.
I love blogging.
I love diet coke.

have a good day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This blog in in honor of Katelyn, who always includes a picture of her current blogging location.
The Library.
First Floor, baby.

I am "studying" microbiology currently, because I really can't fail another test. I mean, I guess a C and a D aren't technically failing, but the next step is an F, so the work starts now.

Just a list of a few things that are happening, or not happening in my life.
  1. Spring Sing- donezo. I will have a whole blog about it someday, but this blog can't handle all the cute Minni-ness that I have to present.
  2. Spring Break- IT'S ALMOST HERE! San Antonio, here I come.
  3. I have the best friends. I talk about them all the time, but I so thankful for them. Gah.
  4. That brings me to another important update in my life. Thankfulness. It's important. That is why I am trying to voice my gratitude for the little things in life. If you are busy being thankful, you don't have time to complain.
  5. My nails are currently coral colored, and I LOVE it.
  6. Microboiology sucks. I know that isn't a normal what's going on in your life kind of comment, but my notes and book are under my laptop and I keep seeing them. Yuck.
  7. OH MY GOSH. I got the internship at Capitol Hill church of Christ this summer. I AM SO EXCITED. I don't know how this is number 7. Apparently 7 is the new 1, because this is the most important thing ever. Well maybe not ever, but it is the thought of this summer and the fact that I will not ruin it with having to re-take micro that is getting me through.
  8. I must figure out a few important things, which alot of you know about, but I don't really want to share with the whole world wide web. Cryptic, I know.
  9. I have discovered that I am funny. Go on, laugh. You know you are thinking about my humor and dazzling wit right now. I can hear you lol'ing as we speak. Or as I speak, or type rather, and you read... Yeah.
  10. Well, the only other thing in my life right now needs to be more studying. So sorry, but my blog is over for now, but I will leave you with a charge. A mantra for you week, if you will. Be thankful. Comment on my blog and tell me what you are thankful for. Or even go out and tell others that you are thankful for them.