Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well well well.

That is all I can say.

The other thought that comes to mind is Ay Papi.

Do you ever just have one of those "Uhg" days/weeks/months?

That feels like what my post Mexico life is going to be.

I am concerned that I am becoming a melodramatic winey people, so I will try to take a chill on the complaining.

Mexico was great. And when I say great, it was horrible also, but I had to get over myself and realize why I was there. The trip not being perfect for my little self-centered, um self, made me realize how much I am always focused on myself. Like in this paragraph, I have already used a personal pronoun 9 times. Jee Wiz. Anyways. I went down with a lot of expectations of what I wanted, where I was going to go, all the big things that I was going to do.

Then God slowed me down and said, "Really, Natalie? Who do you think is in control here?"

I saw the people that I go to school with, live near, and spend all of my time with completely open up and serve. I didn't know people could love like that, but they can. It was entirely refreshing and wonderful.

Top 10 List of Mexico 2010:
10. Van rides.
9. Mexican pop con mi Hermano en Cristo
8. Talking to Amber at night in the tent
7. Watching a movie in the van Thursday night and falling asleep/waking up repeatedly.
6. Spades
5. El Torro at 16th with Trevor
4. Going to a cave and seeing bats
3. Mexico Magic, teeheehee.
2. Brick making with my best friends
1. Ninos and ninas at 16th and La Union

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