Monday, August 2, 2010



I went to Mexico with one of my fave youth groups ever from Bentonville, Arkansas.
(Don't judge them because they are from AR. They are actually quite nice)

I loved it.

Here was the way it worked:

  • Left OKC to go to Dallas, after making $300 for taking a later flight. Thank you, American Airlines for sucking and overbooking your flights.
  • Once in Dallas, I (sneakily) got off the plane, and walked out the gate, just in time to see my friend Brady standing in line.... Here is how the conversation went...
Me: Oh, hey Brady!
Brady: NO WAY!
Brady: What are you doing here??
Me: I'm going to Mexico with you guys!!
Brady: (In complete seriousness) No you aren't.
Me: Uh..... yeah I am.... Seriously.
(More hugging and screaming)
  • Then I ran into the rest of the group, and there was more screaming....
  • We boarded the plane, and Brady and I made some guy move so that we could sit together. It was magical.

  • So we got to San Diego, got on a bus, and headed to Mexico. That is where the real insanity started. DIP BONG.
  • Once we got to the hotel, we discovered Danielle and I were roommates. Perfect! The view from our window OBVIOUSLY included a cerveza stand.

  • There was obviously pretty views too, haha
  • This is the butcher.... And when I say the butcher I mean he was a boxer and they called him the butcher. Awesome.
  • The group we worked with was so great.

And now for pictures with the occasional comment.

Bryan marched to his own drum. We loved him, and according to all of his kisses, he loved us too.
I spent most of my time with Megan, Zach, Joel, Jordan, and Max. Some might have called us an elitist clique, but I would not.

Below is a picture of Mexican Happiness, people.
I mean the kids are obviously the best, but give me a manzana lift and some galletas, and I am a happy person.
This is the Hamburger.
We really called him Hamburguesa.
He also looks like an Ewok from Star Wars.
I know you can see it.
Hamburguesa, Joel, and I were great friends.

I mean, come on. How is that not 100% excellence?

These two girls that look absolutely crazy are some of my favorites.
Who would not want to hang out with J and M, who can have huge arguments about the bed sharing skills or lack there of. Then the next minute, they are besties once more. mean discussions, about who stole the be
Martin is a handful, and apparently I have a laze eye.

This was right before security came. Oh gosh.
  • All in all, it was a fun, amazing, too short, wonderful, splendid trip that I got to spend with fun, amazing, too short, wonderful, splendid people. Well I guess the people weren't too short.
  • So that's the story of my great trip that I had to leave two days early to go back to a horrible camp, but that is for a different blog.

To leave you, enjoy these videos of Bryan. He is great.

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