Monday, October 11, 2010

ten terrific tuesday tidbits

  1. Tuesdays include easy classes, work, friends, Glee, Overflow, BFF. All GREAT things in my book, so tuesday is ALWAYS a terrific tidbit in my books.
  2. I talk about them all the time, but tonight the Cube girls reminded me why I love them. We laugh together often, cry together sometimes, and dance together always.
  3. View tonight was exceptionally awesome. God is alive and real. The song "Inside Out" gives me chills every time. Cal would most definitely give that a fist pump/pelvic thrust.
  4. Funfetti cake is perfect for every occasion, including Mondays. The Cube ate an entire cake with one fork in under 24 hours.
  5. My dorm is only clean for about 5 hours every monday, but it doesn't matter because my wonderful roommate doesn't care, and her side is typically just as destroyed.
  6. I am going with about 20 other people to Stillwater tomorrow night, and that means BFF, worship, and always enjoyable car rides.
  7. I got to see friends this weekend, and that made the sad Nebraska weekend MUCH better.
  8. After waiting my whole life, I am a proud Rainbow in the sisterhood of Gamma Rho.
  9. I have big plans to make dinner with Cal at some random friends apartment. I will do the cooking, she will provide the entertainment.
  10. I am joyful. I am finding contentment in my circumstances. I have friends and a family that love me, and I feel God's presence, and I am preparing for Him to do something BIG.
Tuesdays are the greatest.

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  1. 2 things. Tuesdays BFF I hope I am included in that and not just the BFFs at Stillwater. And I am hoping I am the "random friend" for dinner. Thanks. Love you. Flow tonight!