Monday, January 24, 2011

My oh mayo Monday.

mayo in the title is said with a spanish accent, so it's said like "my oh". not the shortened form of mayonnaise.


Here is a list of things.

  1. Our dorm smelled like cabbage last night. Sick, I know. My friend Suzanna compared it to an Eastern European slum. Terrible.
  2. Spring Sing is in full swing. If you want to know what this is, watch the video of the fabulous women of Gamma Rho here.
  3. I love my mom. I call her daily. Judge me. Well she and my dad are in Haiti for 2 weeks which kills me. I have called her phone twice to listen to her voice mail. Really though.
  4. I am playing intramurals for gamma, and I have a game tonight at 10. You should probably come, because this is a video of my highlights from last season. (You might be saying, "But Natalie- that is Kevin Durant..." and I am telling you that KD got all his moves from me.)
  5. People of Walmart. Go to this website. Love the pictures.
  6. Diet coke. Splendid and wonderful. I am working on a nice 32 oz cup that Kara got me. Ahhh.
  7. My friends and I had been on the google image page for "Babies with Wigs"... Figure that one out.
  8. Gnomes. You all know my affinity for the wonderful little things. Feb 11th, I will be seeing this movie. No questions.
  9. My best friend Sarah loves Asians. After seeing this, why would you not?
  10. This day is going by so very slowly. Go talk to someone you have never talked to, or love someone who you struggle to love, or give something away. Change the world.

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  1. So.. I just wanted to let you know that the Japanese kids freaking out over the toy-- this is real. They freak out over pretty much everything.. For real. You should come visit-- they would freak! ;)