Monday, December 28, 2009

Let me tell you a little bit about why I am the way I am...

These two girls.

B & S
(the names have been altered to protect the wonderful... But it is slightly ironic that their initials together are BS...)

I have been in the same class with them since, well, forever.
They know me better than I know me...
They eat the purple SweetTarts (heaven help them) because they know I won't touch the nasty things, and they know that a Diet Coke and a box of Sour Patch Kids can cure all sickness.

When we graduated, I cried. When B went off to OSU and left S and I to fend for ourselves in Edmond, I cried.

(Above is one of my favorite pictures of us of all time.)

To think about what life would be without them makes me want to cry.

But obviously I won't actually cry, because that would be foolish, and people don't actually cry when they think about their best friends as they write their blog... Right?

As truly sick as this picture is, it had to be posted.
Life is a party, and these two have partied with me the hardest...
(In a strictly youth group/OCA/OC appropriate way, of course)

I love you two more than diet coke and sour patch (adolescents) combined :-)

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