Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Potential Over-reaction.

Ok, so maybe Nebraska is not that bad. I have gotten to see family that I have missed, I have gotten to eat my grandmother's cooking, and I have started work on my terribly late grad gift. Yes, you read that right. I am working on my graduation gift. Oh well. Such is life.

My aunt and uncle, and mother for that matter, made fun of my blog. I realize that I may have 3 readers. Or less, let's all be honest. But I feel like this blog could potentially change the world... Ok, this blog could potentially change my world.
They said it is an on-line diary. True.
They said no one will actually read it. Also true. See above.
But none the less, I press on!

I hope to achieve the following, in no particular order, with this blog:
  • Top Ten lists, because I think they are funny.
  • Pictures that chronicle the adventures that I live, one college classroom at a time.
  • Tell the world, or my three readers, a little bit about me.
  • Expose some of my favorite blogs to others.
SO, that's the game plan.
Here goes nothin.

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