Saturday, January 2, 2010

My next 3 weeks in pictures.

Guys, I am soooo excited.
The next few weeks are going to be the greatest. But really. The greatest.

Although I have to work this week, which most people would hate, I GET to work this week!
I love my job. My little admissions office family makes my heart smile. Love it.

(I realize you don't know who this is... Her name is Dot, and she is my mom. Well not really, but close)

This Friday, my friend Taylor goes to NSO (New Student Orientation) so that she can come to OC. Woohoo! SO ready for her to be here! AND, she will be living down the hall from us!!
(Taylor with Sarah and I on Halloween)

Friday night, I am going to see Brad Paisly with my dear friend Amber, who is like my big sister, and I love it. Will I be wearing cowgirl boots for the concert? DUH!
(Brad Paisly, looking handsome. I would have put a picture of me and Amber, but I didn't like the ones that I found... Amber, we gotta fix that!)

Saturday is Eichen's with the gang. What could be better than fried chicken and my best friends??
(The food we will get to eat! Obviously not my plaid shirt in the picture, but I thought the food looks great!)

Next week, classes start back up. That also means chapel and seeing all of my friends that I have missed like CRAZY! I feel like those two cancel out the horridness of classes, so yet again, awesome.

(Insert crazy awesome chapel picture here.)

Then comes Friday, and the weekend that I know several people have been eagerly anticipating.
Me and my dear admissions siblings will be going to Arlington to hang out and worship with 5,000 potential OC students. Excited? You have no idea.

(Winterfest is the mind child of Dudley, and I feel like since Mary Watson is one of my dear friends, I can have a picture of Dudders, as she calls him, on my blog)

Monday after Winterfest: No classes, thanks to MLK day.
Obviously awesome.
(I don't really have a comment for this picture. Sorry, MLK.)

The following weekend is my first Winter Retreat with the Edmond College Ministry. Apparently, this is like one of the best events of the year.
(Minus Mexico, obviously. Never fear- there will be many posts about Mexico to come)
I am very very excited to get to know everyone even better, so I know it's going to be great.
(This bridge is GREAT to jump on. Plus the sign that says not to jump on the bridge makes it that much more fun.)

Plus, it's at Lariat Creek, so it will be a for sure party.

See how good my coming weeks are?!? I am so pumped for them!
Actual first hand pictures will be taken and recorded here instead of these Google Images, so you will be along for the adventure too.

It's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun.


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