Monday, May 10, 2010

I miss my friends so much.

The point of blogs, in my opinion, is pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.
So here goes.
(PS- The pictures are in no particular oder, mostly because I don't have the logistics of this blogger down yet!)

Great girls at a great concert! I got to hear the Non play again, and I loved it, no suprise!

My sassy bestie. We are so cool, we know.
This girl makes me pretty happy.
Especially when she poses with me and assorted Justice League Heroes.
One of my favorite pictures ever.

My bow is slightly much, I know it.
This is H., my roommate for next year. I cannot even describe how excited I am. I can also not describe how odd my neck looks in this picture.

I was so cold at that concert... Don't pay attention to that "other" christian school hoodie I have on.
If it weren't for OC, I wouldn't know any of these people!


  1. hmm. guess i know which friends you DON'T miss.
    kidding. kidding. i live only a few aparments away :D

  2. We are such besties. I love us.