Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little thing I like to call...


What is summer, you may ask?
It is snowcones, swimming, shorts, sandals, snails.
Well not snails, I just liked the alliteration that was happening.

Anywho, I wish I had pictures to post, because I really like blogs, but just blogs with pictures. Lots of pictures.

Instead, I will give you a fine little list of my life at the moment.

10. APE class with Dr. Houston.
He is SO funny. Seriously though.
9. I moved into my apartment with S and E.
We have the cutest apartment. Ever. All thanks to my wonderful apartment-mates.
8. I am going to watch So. Much. TV. This. Summer.
Really though. I have watched 4 movies in the past 2 days.
7. I am working.
20 hours per week.
6. I have already filled up one and a half snow cone punch cards.
Judge me.
5. I MISS A.T. and T.H.W..
Abigail=Bestie, Taylor=Sister. I need them back in my life.
4. I am going to see Iron Man 2 at midnight.
I have not seen a midnight premiere till last summer. So pumped.
3. I miss Taytayfonaynay and JedlyJoe.
When your best friends move home, life stinks.
And yeah, I know home is a whopping 25 minutes away. Still sad though.
2. I am really running out of things to say.
1. We are watching Baby Mamma.

Well I will blog this summer, alot I am sure.

Peace, love, and snowcones.

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