Monday, November 1, 2010

they will catch me when i fall (break)

Mom: "So where are you guys going?"
Me: "Um, East."
Mom: "Oh. Well, have fun?"

Repeat this conversation with every person who asked me about fall break.

So me and the gang, yeah, we are a gang, loaded up in three cars and went, you guessed it- East.

Route 66, here we come.

First Stop, POPS. Obviously.
Sorry this is all underlined. I cant help it.

I love these girls. I also love Taylor's face in this picture. Very pretty.

They make my heart pound. Like Justin Bieber. Well, Luda in this case.
Next stop, which was suprisingly like 50 feet down the road, was the Round Barn.
(Cue Sarah Risley saying "Wooohooo" here.)
Then we went to Stroud, OK. Not a lot there, right?


There are little gems like the Rock Cafe, made famous(ish) by the movie Cars!!
Now I am tired of typing, and I am also in class, so enjoy some pictures!

Further proof that SATAN is residing in my best friend.

You are excited to see it, I am sure....


My favorite picture of the trip by far.
I love them. A lot. For ever.

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