Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh gosh.

Oh hey there, 3:24 am.

What's up?
I haven't seen you in a while.

Actually, that is not true. That is anti-true. So false, i guess.

The past 2 weeks are a gigantic, cold, sweatpants and long socks filled blur.
We have had like 10 feet of snow. 10 or 2. whatever. Gah. I have had enough. It is actually terrible at this point. For those of you who don't know, I like to drive fast. Can't do that on the snow! I also like to wear chacos and be tan. Neither of those are happening either, mostly because the sun is not shining, and I like having toes instead of frost-bitten nubs. This snow has got to go. Come to me, 105 degree weather. I will take you with joy.

The only good thing that could ever come from snow is snowpocolypse activities.
I stayed at my friend Lee's house with s handful of my dear friends. We watched 16 movies, yes 16, and we ate, and we slept, and then ate and slept some more. We played in the snow for all of 17 minutes, and I fell off the sled and rolled backwards down the hill. Embarrassing? I think so. Ah, well, se la vie. (I think that is close to French for That is life, but it might not be. I got it from a Pretty Little Liars episode). I mean, the whole thing was awesome, but I was ready to be back in my bed as opposed to sleeping on Lee's couch. Again.

I thought the weather was going to be kinder.
But nooooo.
This week there was more snow.
I know, right?
I was slightly more productive though. Cupcakes were baked, crafts were made, and homework was completed, all in one snow day. That is more than I can say for the aforementioned hiatus at the Branch Ranch.

And that brings me to now.
Well, that brings me to now, which is a day later than then. Hahaha. This blog post will amuse me for now, but when people are reading it in the day I probably haven't a chance of making any sense to anyone.

Oh tonight. I came back to the lobby of my dorm to absolute chaos. KAY-OSS.
I can't really write about it, since my mom reads my blog (hi, mom) and also I don't want incriminating things released to the internet, but RING A LING LING was yelled, curse words were screamed, and cackles of laughter were released by all. I love the girls I live with. So much. But just know that the lobby of a dorm brings strange truths to life.

Now it is 3:37, and Hal, Cal, Logan, and Kendall are shortly leaving for Nash-Vegas. I hope you are reading this via iPhone on your car trip later today, and be safe ya little hooligans.

Goodnight, or rather goodmorning, friends. I hope God blesses your life in awesome and unexpected ways today.

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