Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I...


  • Diet Coke. Happy Hour after class at Sonic? I think so.
  • Brooke Dore'. We actually call each other BFF, so mock us in our middle school ways. BFF. That's what we are. I went to Stillwater to see her this weekend, and it was magical. Getting to see her is something I need to do more often.
  • Capitol Hill church of Christ. I realize I talk about it a alot, but come on. Worshipping God, loving people, and playing with kids. What could be better?
  • The weather right now. HELLO? We had snow days last week, and now we played outside last night at church and I am wearing rolled jeans.
  • That brings up something else I love. Rolled jeans and converse tennis shoes.
  • Honestly the most comfortable thing to wear in the world. And it means it is almost spring. Ish. (Please note that the picture is taken under the table during my A&P class... That is honestly where most of my blogs get written. It's just what I do.
  • I love Spring Sing.... I mostly love Spring Sing. I love being with my friends in Gamma, and I love getting to dance around like a precious Mouse. We are cute. Just you wait.
  • SweetTart Hearts. They will be on clearance post-Valentines day. Yes.
  • My Valentine, Suzanna. She gave me a precious card with Ezra from PLL on it, and she gave me candy and a headband. Score. I feel like Valentines Day gets a bad rap- I got a watch, a headband, candy, cupcakes, a movie. This holiday is fine with me!

  • Chocolate. Easy as that.
  • Vegetables, because I am a 5 year old. I just can't handle them.
  • When I sleep through classes. Or sleep in classes. Both of those are terrible. It is obnoxious how often both of those happen.
  • My Anatomy class. I actually love my teacher, ish, but this class. TERRIBLE.
  • The movie Gummo.
  • Honestly. Not even terrible in the "super funny but you feel terrible about watching it" kind of way. Like I. Hate. This. Movie. Gah.
I am doubting even publishing this post because it is so. Blah. That is what this class does to me.

Challenge for you from the chapel speaker today: Be free in Jesus. Know that you have that freedom and live your life like that this week.

Have a great day.

PS- If you were in chapel today, I apologize about our announcement.... Funny but terrible. That's my only defense.

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  1. things i love:

    natalie howard.

    natalie howard's blog.

    the fact that this was a product of boredom due to A&P.