Monday, December 6, 2010

A little thing I like to call Dead week...

My top 10 observations from dead week.
(Dead week is the week before finals, where there is nothing going on, and tests and papers are not supposed to be due because all you will be doing is studying.)

  1. What I just said was a lie. That is what "they" say dead week is. Instead, it is a week that makes you want to be dead. For real though. I have a test or a major paper or both every day this week. Studying for finals? Yeah right.
  2. People who have never been in the library ever all of the sudden call that place home, which is semi-annoying to me.
  3. I get a lot less sleep. That's ok though because it makes me even more pleasant that usual.
  4. Those girls that have been dressing up all year finally face reality that you can't always look perfect. The best part about that is they still don't realize that no one cares!
  5. It becomes socially acceptable to edit your papers while sitting at a basketball game... Right?
  6. I know what librarians work when. Judge me.
  7. Freshmen find it acceptable to turn the library into their new social hangout since the hours, and their curfew, are extended. Singing happy birthday in the library, no matter what floor=not acceptable.
  8. Showering becomes even less of a priority. Ehh.
  9. 30% of my blog post become about the library. Who am I??
  10. And suddenly, I have nothing. After writing all day, I have hit a block.
I guess that's all, apparently.

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