Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why would I ever...

...volunteer at an inner-city church and maybe change my life goals and not study all weekend and instead spend all of my time there?
This child. Hello.
...go to a Thunder game an hour late?
maybe because I scored (no pun intended) floor tickets for $17 with one of my best friends, Amanda. Yeah, it happened. Yeah, be jealous. No, I won't tell you how it happened. I can't ruin my sources.

Oh yeah, NBD-- That's Amanda with JAMES HARDEN. He touched her back. He chuckled at my witty comment. It's love.

...ever think I could study with my friend Suzanna in the library.
She has a new blog, by the way.. Go read it NOW. Seriously though- I laughed out loud.
Anyways- she has now discovered babies in wigs. That sounds like a horrible band name, but she is literally just looking up pictures of babies in wigs or terrible costumes. That's what over 10k bucks a semester teaches you to google.

...think that writing a blog right now instead of studying would be a good idea??
it's Suz's fault, I am sure.

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