Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, have some food.

That is how I feel about my whole life right now.
Let's celebrate Christmas.
Have a cookie. Some candy. Chocolate covered pretzels. Egg nog.

Well here is the recap of my daily Christmas Break activities.
-Wake-Up: 12:30 ish.
-Eat: All day
-See friends that have been away.
-Go to sleep: 12:30.

We opened Christmas gifts tonight. I was lucky enough to get a lot of what I wanted, and then some stuff that I didn't expect. When Musset (our adopted college student from Haiti- NBD) opened one of his gifts which my mom explained to him was a heated blanket, his response was "Shut up". Oh, how America has affected him. Great.

The Capitol Hill Christmas Party.
Wonderful, stressful, full of wrapping boxes, terrific.
Pictures? Ok. fine.

The greatest.

But that has been Christmas.
I wonder what Musset thinks about Christmas in the US.
A fat man that talks to little kids and has a bushy beard.
A tree with lights and tacky ornaments.
Putting lights everywhere.
Rushing to stores to buy everything.
Aye yaye yaye.

But to keep us all in the festive spirit, look at this picture.
It is the best little picture I have ever taken.
This little boy is wonderful. He doesn't hate me. If other people get on to him, he comes to me.
It's love.

Happy Christmas.

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